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Are you sick of nagging your kids

to do their music practice?

Lockdown, homeschooling and "school holidays" making it even harder?

We have the answer!

Easy steps to get your kids playing scales and popular pieces in every key. They will love it (and you should try it too!).

Our 12 major scales program takes the stress out of piano practice

Test it out below - it's super clear, methodical and seriously fun!


Letter C.png

Test out the C scale with your kids so you can see how simple it is.


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Download the Practice Agreement and Progress Tracker here.


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Buy the program by making a donation below and get playing!



Darryl has been a piano teacher for over 40 years. To this day he still loves playing and instills this love of music in his students. He has drawn on his many years of face-to-face teaching to create this rigorous yet creative online program and you can see him on his FastTrackPiano youtube channel which has thousands of subscribers from all over the world. He lives in Coogee, Australia with his wife Patti and gigs around town in a number of bands, from Sax Appeal to Vegas Nerve, taking joy everywhere.



Sam is a working Mum who loved orchestra and jazz band when she was at school in the 80s and continues to enjoy her music. When she and her husband had their son Taran, she knew she wanted him to experience the joy of making music. However, she had not anticipated the amount of creative energy that it took to get him to practice. For years she’d ‘made it fun’ but at a certain point, you just have to sit down and do the basics. Scale Up is designed to help other parents with getting their kids to do the basics, regularly and joyfully!


We were going to launch the program at $100 AUD for a 1 year subscription, but given the crazy state of affairs, and wanting as many people as possible to get the relief this program will bring, we're going to trust human nature and let people pay according to what they can afford. So just hit the Donate button below and your kids (or you!) can start playing away in 10 minutes time!

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