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 The Founders 

  Darryl Chute  

Darryl has taught children and adults for almost forty years. He is a composer and performer and runs Fountainhead recording studio in Sydney, Australia. He loves to inspire people to play and create their own music. He is a phenomenal and dedicated teacher and has taught Sam's son since he was about 6.

Sam is a working Mum who knew she wanted to raise her child in a 'musical household' so when he was very young, she pulled out her violin and started getting back into it, watching Andre Rieu videos slightly obsessively. The heavens smiled on her husband and son and gave her a frozen shoulder so she could no longer lift the violin... not to be deterred, she pulled out her old saxophone which hadn't seen the light of day since 1984 and hasn't looked back.

But she regretted all those years of lost joy and of not having mastered her scales early on when actually she finds them rhythmical and meditative now. So in August 2017 she pitched an idea to Darryl: Scale Up is Sam and Darryl’s creation to motivate and inspire daily music practice for students around the world. Why? So the world has more musicians who experience the thrill and joy of playing music.


And so Mum’s around the world can spend their precious personal energy on their own creative pursuits, instead of burning it up, nagging their children to practice.  

Sam on sax 1.jpg
 Samantha Graham  
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